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With the development of city economy, increasing in residential area, but some of the residential property management gradually degradation, degradation, small green weeds.In the village there is such a clearing, after melting, living garbage mixed with loess, residents in the area is very difficult to walk on village of integral feeling.Hope to have a similar situation of community residents to take action, in the land planted some trees and flowers, coming in the spring, also the clearing a green, let us up.

Many grass in front of the desert to life

At present, our city have a lot of residential area are built in the early, residential property management is not perfect, just some village built the lotus pond in the middle of the floor and the floor but no flowers and plants to grow in.In vega community, property had not a moment on the lotus pond in kinds of flowers and plants, the residents to beautify the environment first planted all kinds of flowers and plants in the lotus pond.Hope some greening of faulty village, residents can positive action, and perfect the village green, front of the desert to life.

Let his balcony green up myself;

With the improvement of living standards, the expansion of housing area, many residents family has two or three balcony, there are also have a balcony, but a little attention, not many families can be completely used up their balcony, pile of waste is summer, winter vegetables.Citizens Yu Guihua home balcony afforest did very well, in the balcony full of cactus plants, according to her introduction, cactus plants, good management, after absorbing the computer radiation, can absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, is a natural oxygen bar, the most suitable for farming in the home.Let us join hands to beautify the environment begin from the balcony of their own.